One of the things that has puzzled me since I started researching conspiracy matters was
the use of the initials MK in the infamous MK Ultra experiments . Most people have come to
the conclusion the initials stand for Mind Kontrolle in the German language, but having
studied occult matters and the interest in esoterica of government authorities, I have never
been satisfied with this explanation and felt there was another reason .
My theory is that when we look at the initials MK we assume they are using the Roman
alphabet but when you change the alphabet to the Enochian alphabet, it starts to make
more sense .
If you transfer MK with the Enochian alphabet, it becomes HK in the Roman alphabet which
makes things more interesting . So if the real symbology is HK what could this refer to . The
initials HK are a translation of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for the god known as Heka .
Heka is the god of magic and his name is the Egyptian word for magic .
From Wikipedia :In Egyptian mythology, Heka (also spelt Hike) was the deification of magic,
his name being the Egyptian word for magic. According to Egyptian writing,  Heka existed
“before duality had yet come into being.” The term “Heka” was also used for the practice of
magical ritual. The Coptic word “hik”, is derived from the Ancient Egyptian.
I also assume that the Greek goddess Hekate comes from this name, and which Kate and
Katherine originate . Considering the nature of MK Ultra, it would make sense that a symbol
incorporating  ‘magic’ would be used and that the Enochian alphabet is part of it .
It has been noted that the intials MM seem to pop up everywhere . Some examples are Mary
Magdalene, Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse and Madeleine McCann . If we use the same
principle then MM comes HH . Like HK previously HH is a translation of an Egyptian god
known as HEH . Heh is known as the god of a million years and represents eternity or
infinity .
In my research I have come across the initials KM frequently eg Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Kate McCann . From the Enochian alphabet it translates to KH which is heavily used in ancient Egyptian words, for example the Ankh, and even though there is debate over the meaning of the hieroglyph, is generally taken as a placenta or birth .
It could be these initials are important because of the symbology they represent . MK would represent magic, MM infinity and KM birth . Symbols are used widely in the belief they can effect the subconscious and in the case of MK Ultra, whoever decided on MK could use the Enochian alphabet and nobody would be the wiser .
The use of ‘magic’ and rituals are used extensively by government agencies and I think  the MK Ultra symbology is another example of this . Considering the gruesome experiments undertaken, one could ask what form of magic was used .
I do not know for sure whether my ‘theory’ is correct but from what I have come to understand about the occult and the use of symbology by US agencies, it makes sense . In effect, the Roman alphabet translation of the hieroglyph is translated to the Enochian alphabet .http://merovee.wordpress.com/2011/05/18/the-mk-in-mk-ultra/
 Ancient Egypt Online . 
Huh (god)
Heka (god)
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